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USClaims is the industry leader in pre-settlement funding. We’ve repeatedly been voted Best Case Funding by readers of The Legal Intelligencer, and we’re proud members of the American Legal Finance Association. But don’t just take our word for it…

“USClaims is financially fair, supportive, and responsive.”

“It is inconceivable that my clients would have the fortitude to endure their life travails and duration of their cases without the spectacular and abundant support of USClaims. Of all the many litigation finance companies I have encountered, I have never dealt with one more financially fair, supportive, and responsive to the typically steep hardships endured by my deeply injured clients.”

Michael Flomenhaft, Esq

The Flomenhaft Law Firm, PLLC, New York, New York

“USClaims has the most competitive rates, staff, and company policies that we have seen.”

“USClaims has saved my clients from financial ruin and let me focus on proving my client’s case, rather than settling too early because the client is being starved out. The services provided by USClaims are invaluable.”

Barry D. Adler, Esq.

Adler Stilman, PLLC, Farmington Hills, Michigan

“Settling too early put my client between a rock and a hard place.”

“USClaims has made a critical difference to clients between a rock and hard place until settlement; clients whose financial needs might otherwise force them to settle before they have to, for less than they should to pay their bills. USClaims gives us time to wait until the case is mature to settle. Award amounts are larger and everybody wins.”

Gary Brownstein, Esq.

Brownstein Vitale & Weiss, P.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“USClaims bought my client critical time.”

“One of my clients needed some money desperately to save her house. USClaims acted quickly to provide my client with the financial support she needed. It was instrumental in preventing foreclosure action, and it gave us the time we needed to get the settlement she deserved.”

Stacey L. Schwartz, Esq.

Schwartz and Blackman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I highly recommend USClaims to anyone involved in litigation needing financing while their case is pending.”

“Several years ago, my husband was involved in a serious car accident that rendered him unable to work. We filed a lawsuit and were told that it could take years to settle. We had no idea what we were going to do financially and became extremely frightened and panicked.

Along came USClaims. They were kind, considerate, and caring people. The company was able to give us a cash advance of sizable amounts three or four times throughout those nightmarish years. We had no one to turn to, two small children, an unbelievable amount of bills and felt totally hopeless.

I will be forever grateful to USClaims for saving my family financially. We always had our money within days and they never hounded us as to when we would be able to repay. They were always right there to help whenever we needed them.”

Sharon and Romeo F.

Lagrangeville, New York

“I am pleased to share my positive experiences using USClaims as a source of pre-suit funding for my clients. The simple and brief questionnaire is a pleasure compared to other companies’ forms I have had to use. The simple phone call follow up is an easy conversation and the speed of the funding, no matter how large or small the advance, makes my job easier. My clients are happy with the service, speed and accessibility that USClaims demonstrates on every case.

I would like to thank you and Ms. Jones, in particular, for the tremendous support you provided in the *Adams case. As you know, the case was extremely challenging both from the litigation aspect as well as the funding aspect. I went through several funding companies until USClaims was able to offer me the flexibility and control I needed to succeed in that case. No other funding company was able to give me what I knew I needed to control the case and the client’s expectations. I look forward to a long relationship with USClaims.”

*Name has been changed

William S. Greenberg, Esq.

Greenberg Minasian, LLC, West Orange, New Jersey

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