Welcome Los Angeles Bar Members

Welcome Los Angeles Bar Members

Welcome Los Angeles County Bar Association

USClaims offers Attorney Funding to provide advances to attorney and law firms against their expected fees on cases.

Attorneys across America take advantage of USClaims’ Attorney Funding to help them manage their practice more profitably. But more importantly, this kind of funding allows these attorneys to grow their practices and take on the next case because Attorney Funding eliminates the challenge of being able to grow the business while facing constraints on cash flow.

How Does it Work?

Completed a short application followed by a rapid review. USClaims will fund up to 50% of the anticipated Attorney’s fees earned. Fund are often delivered within 1 day of approval.

Eligible Cases

USClaims funds a wide variety of civil and personal injury cases. Visit usclaimsilnew.wpengine.com/cases for a complete list.

USClaims Advantages

  • Twenty years of experience delivering for attorneys.
  • Discrete and always confidential.
  • Rapid review process.
  • Industry leading rates.

The fee has been earned. Call today to access some of that fee today.

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Our pre-settlement funding experts will walk you through our entire process.
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USClaims Makes Litigation Funding Simplified:

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Plaintiff Initial Funding

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Attorney Funding

USClaims is making your Litigation Funding Simplified. Simply provide us with your attorney information and the amount you need and we will take it from here.