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Introducing the Secret to Improving Your Firm’s Cash Flow

Personal injury law firm lending has historically been either impossible to get or obscenely expensive. Now, USClaims Lending has a better way. For qualified firms we will provide working capital lines of credit and term loans secured by your practice’s inventory of cases and future fees.

Why should you receive lending from USClaims lending?
Scale now

Immediate capital to grow your firm. Revolving lines of credit & term loans from $1M – $5M.


Founded in 1996, we are financially stable, secure, and consistently voted the best funder in the USA.


A fast, easy, and confidential process where the only collateral is your fee in the litigation.


No hidden fees, monthly payments, or cash sweep.
We receive only a fraction of legal fees collected so your net cash flow remains strong.


Preferential pre-settlement funding rates & world-class service for your clients who need it.

Who is eligible to improve their cash flow with USClaims lending?

Firms with a strong portfolio of diversified personal injury cases.


Firms with a demonstrable historical track record of performance.


Firms that are consistently profitable but need capital to grow now.


Firms whose principals have a history of integrity.

We are a proud sponsor of numerous national and regional trial lawyer associations, including:

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