Slip and Fall at Work

Slip and Fall at Work

Slip and fall injuries happen all the time and in all types of situations, but sometimes, they happen in the workplace. While some slip and fall accidents may result in minor injuries, such as sprains, they can sometimes be much more serious. Depending on the details of a specific slip and fall incident, these types of accidents can result in head injury, bone fractures, painful back injuries, and so on. Some individuals, such as pregnant women and the elderly, may be more susceptible to serious injuries from falling.  If you do sustain a slip and fall at work, you may be unable to work while you recover. In some situations, the recovery period is an ongoing battle, and those who sustain serious injuries are permanently unable to return to work.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), slips, trips, and falls account for approximately 25.8 percent of workplace injuries annually. The NSC also reports that the top five industries that commonly result in injuries that require time off work are:

  • Service
  • Transportation/shipping
  • Construction
  • Production/manufacturing
  • Repair and installation

No matter what industry you work in, however, you can potentially be at risk for a slip and fall. For example, even someone working a relatively safe desk job might slip on a wet bathroom floor and get seriously injured as a result. If this happened to you or a loved one, you may already be in the process of pursuing monetary compensation.

This may be in the form of workers’ compensation, a personal injury lawsuit, or both. Although the money you receive is meant to cover medical bills, loss of income (if any), and pain and suffering, the problem is that most people find they have to wait a long time to see any of this money.

Fortunately, there are other options if you are looking to receive your money as quickly as possible. Through a process known as pre-settlement funding, plaintiffs in injury lawsuits can receive an advance on their settlement in a lump sum. At USClaims, we provide this service and are happy to help plaintiffs receive their money sooner, so that they can take care of their bills and other expenses. After all, as an injury victim, you likely have enough on your mind. This can be one less thing to stress and worry about. Contact USClaims for more information on how the pre-settlement funding process works and to see if your case qualifies.

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