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A Reliable Funding Source

Brokers expect a funding resource that their attorneys and their clients can rely on for a fast & easy process, and exceptional service.

USClaims values the importance of Broker relationships. We recognize the Broker’s critical role in assisting clients during their time of financial need. As a USClaims Broker, you will receive personalized, professional marketing support from the USClaims Team. Our low, non-compounding rates with a 2x cap and customized service from an experienced USClaims representative will provide you the resources you need in a competitive marketplace. The USClaims Team will work with you every step of the way to provide your clients a quick and easy funding process.

As a USClaims Broker

When you work with us, you will be able to:
Choose when you want to get your broker fee:
  • - At the time of funding
  • - Weekly
  • - Monthly
Work with experienced underwriters
Get access to:
  • - Low Rates
  • - Non-compounding
  • - 2x Cap
Grow your business with co-branded materials, co-branded contracts and real time reporting on your deals

Professional Underwriting Staff

Our underwriting team understands their role in your success. Our team includes personal injury attorneys with broad experience across all personal injury case types. They will work with you, with your clients and your attorneys. On complex cases our underwriters will get on a call with you and your attorney to discuss the merits of a case, and what is needed to achieve a quick approval on the request.

Dedicated Broker Channel

We have a dedicated team who works exclusively with brokers – this ensures that you will receive undivided attention from our team. No broker is too large or too small – give us a try and see how we make Litigation Funding Simplified ™ for you, your clients and your attorneys.

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USClaims Makes Litigation Funding Simplified:

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USClaims is making your Litigation Funding Simplified. Simply provide us with your attorney information and the amount you need and we will take it from here.