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Mass Transit Accidents

USClaims can help victims of mass transit accidents by providing the money they need while their court cases proceed.

Travel by train, bus, ferry, subway, metro and other forms of mass transit generally is safe, but when something goes wrong, it often goes terribly wrong. Equipment failures, collisions with other vehicles, derailments, and operator errors are among the many causes of deadly train derailments, bus crashes or metro accidents, which have killed or injured thousands.

If you’re waiting for your MTA lawsuit to settle in court and need cash now to cover your expenses, contact USClaims to learn how you can get MTA lawsuit funding for your case today.

Many people are often dependent on mass transit to travel from place to place. While this form of public transportation is usually reliable and safe, severe personal injuries and even wrongful death can result in cases such as:

  • Train accidents
  • Subway accidents
  • Public bus accidents
  • School bus accidents
  • Monorail & Tram accidents
  • Taxicab collisions
  • Ferry accidents
  • Improperly maintained terminals or platforms

These accidents change lives – sometimes forever. In an instant, the families of the dead find themselves struggling through the grieving process. Some soon find that they also are faced with the financial impact of losing a wage earner, even as they continue to come to terms with the shock of their personal loss.

Survivors of mass transit accidents may confront their own issues, including serious injuries, perhaps even permanent disabilities. Severe injuries can cause other devastating consequences, such as steep medical bills and, perhaps, the inability to work, which may make it impossible for them to cover their normal day-to-day expenses.

Many MTA accident victims or their surviving family members may consider turning to the court system for justice, filing lawsuits against those responsible for the tragedies. While attorneys take the time they need to put on a strong case, families and survivors may confront mounting financial pressures; claims can take months or years to resolve, even if criminal legal proceedings related to the incidents don’t complicate matters.

That’s where USClaims can help. We understand that you’re already in pain and we provide lawsuit funding for MTA accident cases to help cover your bills and expenses while you wait for your case to settle. Contact USClaims today so we can help make day-to-day life at least a little easier by providing the money you need to live while you seek the justice you and your loved ones deserve in court.

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