Pre-Settlement Financing Company USClaims Launches New Website

Pre-Settlement Financing Company USClaims Launches New Website

USClaims, which provides people who have been hurt by another’s negligence with pre- and post-settlement funding, announces the launch of its new website,

USClaims, which provides people who have been hurt by another’s negligence with pre- and post-settlement funding, announces the launch of its new website, The user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website demonstrates USClaims’ commitment to providing clients with the financial support they need to pay their bills and give their attorneys the time they need to fight for a fair personal injury settlement. provides client and attorney forms that can be downloaded or completed online, a blog about pre-settlement financing and a financing calculator. To make the settlement funding process more accessible to plaintiffs and their personal-injury lawyers, the new website also includes:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that individuals may have about pre-settlement financing
  • Social sharing for visitors to connect with the firm and share relevant information and blogs with others on social media
  • Industry and company news
  • Detailed information about the pre- and post-settlement funding process and the types of cases that qualify for funding

“Working with Furia Rubel on the new USClaims website has helped us to be more focused and strategic so we can provide highly relevant tools and resources to the attorneys we serve and their clients,” said Darryl Levine, president of USClaims.

Many plaintiffs wait years for their cases to settle or go to verdict. Those plaintiffs are often out of work or their insurance companies won’t pay the high costs of medical care. This often results in an inability to put food on the table or gas in the car and to pay basic living expenses such as utilities and rent or the mortgage. Pre-settlement financing helps those individuals pay their utility bills and avoid foreclosure during the lengthy legal process.

The firm operates by purchasing a portion of the anticipated proceeds of a claim and only receives repayment if a case is won. USClaims provides no-risk financial support for personal injury victims pursuing catastrophic injury cases involving comparative negligence, defective products, drug injury, insurer misconduct, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, nursing home abuse, slip and fall, unsafe workplaces, and wrongful death, as well as whistleblower, class action and mass torts. USClaims partners with personal injury, Qui Tam and FELA attorneys to purchase a portion of the anticipated plaintiffs’ proceeds of mature claims, providing their clients with the means to pay bills and withstand long litigation periods until a settlement can be reached.

About USClaims Founded in 1996, USClaims is the longest continuously operating pre-settlement funding company in the U.S. It has $30 million in active funding and more than 3,000 clients. USClaims was voted the National Law Journal’s Best Law Firm Funding Company and among the top three Litigation Funding Companies in the publication’s “Best of 2013” survey. The company also ranked among the top service providers by the readers of The Legal Intelligencer in the publication’s “Best of 2012” survey for the third-consecutive year. A member of the Active American Legal Finance Association (ALFA), USClaims offers Client Award Protection, ensuring that client costs never exceed the value of a settlement. For more information or to apply for litigation funding support call 1-877-USCLAIMS.

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Pre-Settlement Financing Company USClaims Launches New Website

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